My work is based on the meeting betwen the creator and his creature.The sculptures created by life can reveal themselves and express their potential. They take part in the chaos and become an actor , often a  projection of some deep dark memories, who can bring us back into or ancestral fear. But what matters is the attitude we choose and wether we are ready to see what is the creature that we have created.
Is it the human creating by his projection or the play of life using light and space to shape our vision of reality ?
Are we the creator or the creature ?

The answer lies in the paradox that these pictures reflect and it s for you to decide.

Nature is an infinite source of dreams and art, a tree can take many shapes and live many life. These pictures hope to give a space for these elements to talk to us and a space in us to let this message sink…
so that all these stories reminds us of the magic of this creation and our possibility to engage.

Honoring our capacity to create is as important as surrendering to our role in the play of life.

Every picture is a story yet to unfold, every situation becomes a possibility for experiencing our selves in a new and unseen way. These images are the beginning of a story or simply an invitation to become the creator… if you loose yourself and enter the journey you can become the creature of this unique amazing opportunity to simply reveal you to you !

As i make the picture I realize the picture is making me, the new experience create a new dimension where I can choose to enter. or simply watch and be the observer.

Iam witnessing or am I the result of this experience ?